Donna Teresa: A Rex Dalton Thriller

Donna Teresa: A Rex Dalton Thriller


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When Rex Dalton and his ex-military dog, Digger, spot two women fleeing from danger on the streets of Rome, they take notice — but their pursuit of justice will wrench the pair into a deadly and globe-spanning plot!


Rex Dalton and his best friend Digger, the former military dog, are back in Rome. They are at the famous Piazza del Popolo. Seven weeks ago, Rex had to abandon his plans to contact Catia Romano, the woman he’s in love with, to help rescue his former CEO, John Brandt.

Now he was back. Catia’s apartment was less than a mile away.

But Rex’s reverie is interrupted when he notices two women coming through the Porta del Popolo in a hurry. One of them looks familiar.

As he keeps watching them, he realizes they are fleeing. Then Rex sees the men — three of them. One behind the women, the other two trying to outflank them, probably to head them off and prevent them from reaching the other side of the piazza.
Instinctively, Rex puts his hand out to Digger and pulls him close. “Listen buddy, we’ve got a situation here. Pay attention.”

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Thus, a chain of events is triggered that take Rex and Digger on a harrowing journey to the brink of World War III.
DONNA TERESA is a full-length novel, a nail-biting thriller by best-selling author JC Ryan. It is the ninth book in the electrifying Rex Dalton series.


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