One Little Mistake

One Little Mistake


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How can an anonymous serial killer infiltrate women’s lives without leaving a trace? Investigator Reilly Steel hunts for the key to the mystery — one that may hit chillingly close to home — in this twist-filled read from a USA Today bestselling author.


An unputdownable psychological suspense novel from the USA Today bestselling author.

They think they have it all … until they realise everything’s been taken away ...

Glamorous, confident and successful women with the world at their feet are targeted by someone who, from the outset, leaves no trace or presence in their lives.

The search is on to identify who could expertly inveigle themselves into so many women’s trust, while remaining completely elusive. And rendering their ‘perfect’ existence so fragile.

Investigator Reilly Steel knows that just one little mistake from the perpetrator will blow the case wide open, and she’s determined to find it.
But is the investigation a little too close to home for her too? And is the answer already staring her right in the face...

‘Fans of ‘Desperate Housewives’ or Netflix’s ‘YOU’ series will love this.’ GOODREADS


‘Not always helpful when I’m trying to read to get to sleep as I don’t want to put it down!’

‘Amazing page turner. Couldn’t put the book down.’

‘Engaging twists and dead ends that quickly captured my attention. I read this novel sometimes way into the night when I should be sleeping.


author/Casey Hill